Believe it: All’s good with Eagles and Rosenhaus

Drew Rosenhaus stood alongside the cushioned chairs that sit at the foot of the NovaCare auditorium’s stage.

With his signature slick-backed hair and wearing a Rosenhaus Sports polo shirt, the NFL super agent watched as his client, LeSean McCoy, sat between head coach Andy Reid and general manager Howie Roseman, in the wake of McCoy’s new five-year deal.

So, as Rosenhaus watched McCoy, with whom he’s had a more tumultuous relationship than Tommy and Pamela, he also watched Reid and Roseman, the two men at the helm of the organization with which he’s struggled to form a long-lasting relationship.

Once deemed public enemy No. 1 after a certain press conference in a certain driveway, Rosenhaus stood there watching the three men. And one by one … they thanked him.

“I’d just like to compliment Drew and Jason Rosenhaus, and also [general manager] Howie Roseman for working the deal out, the details of the deal. They worked extremely well together,” Reid said.

“I think that Drew and Jason deserve a lot of credit for the way that they handle these situations. We both really understood the important thing that these are all really good players here,” Roseman said.

“To my agents, Jason and Drew Rosenhaus,” McCoy said, “we have had a crazy relationship and we’ve broken up time and time again but we’ve always made up. I want to thank you guys for being loyal since Day One of my rookie year when I slipped to the second round, and you always told me hard work will pay off. I just kept plugging along and we’re here now, so I just want to thank you guys.”

Drew Rosenhaus was thanked!? Times have certainly changed.

And it didn’t just happen with this deal. Rosenhaus Sports has gotten three major deals done with the Eagles this off-season: DeSean Jackson, Evan Mathis and now McCoy. If all three deals pay out the maximum over the course of the contracts, they’ll add up to $121 million. The combined guaranteed money from the three deals is around $43 million. That’s a pretty productive off-season, huh?

The latest of the deals, of course, goes to McCoy, the 23-year-old Pro Bowl running back. His contract extension is for five years and approximately $45 million with nearly $21 million guaranteed, a league source tells’s Reuben Frank (see story).

“This is an unprecedented few months with one team,” Rosenhaus said. “To do three deals of this magnitude with one team is impressive. We had a run with the Eagles with the Jevon Kearse and Hugh Douglas [contracts]. It’s nice to be back. And it does make it easier when you have a good relationship.”

He’s talking about his relationship with the Eagles. It’s a relationship that was strained at times, to say the least. Most folks in Philadelphia remember him as the villain from the Terrell Owens saga in 2005. Owens was bad enough, but then, there was the prototypical bad guy, Drew Rosenhaus, standing at his side.

“Next question!” McCoy yelled toward the direction of Rosenhaus and media members on Thursday evening as he walked across the auditorium, paying homage to the very words that made Rosenhaus that much more infamous during the Owens ordeal.

“You said that,” Rosenhaus said with a laugh. “Not me.”

And it’s somewhat easy to laugh about it now. We’re seven years removed from when those words were originally spoken and Rosenhaus Sports is riding a hot streak in Philadelphia that would make even the most experienced Vegas gamblers blush.

But that shaky past with the Eagles almost prevented – or at least almost hindered – the McCoy deal from getting done, at least early on. McCoy hired and fired Rosenhaus several times during the 2011 season, and Rosenhaus had a pretty simple explanation.

“We had some ups and downs,” Rosenhaus said. “He had some doubts earlier in the season when he let us go. I think it had more to do with the fact that he was worried about our relationship with the Eagles.”

But that relationship has been seemingly patched on the wings of three major deals in the span of two months.

“It’s satisfying, just because, for many years,” Rosenhaus said, “I heard the Eagles won’t draft our clients, the Eagles don’t like working with us, we can’t get deals done with the Eagles.

“We’ve had a lot of frustrations. That’s over now.”